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Gratitude - March 11th 2008


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Hello all,

beautiful sunshine today,

just will be long enough

to make us think of spring

before the next snow storm

makes a worst mess later this


Grateful for the afternoon

of volunteer work I did yesterday.

What a difference from four years

ago when I started working there,

the work is about the same with

some improvement in the place,

but those four years were very hard

on me........can't do half the work

I was able to do in 2004.

The open arms welcome I got

made my day.


People are constantly warned not to


It is only be overdoing sometimes that

we learn how much we can do.

(Marjorie Barstow Greenble)


Service to others is the

rent you pay for your

room here on earth.

(Muhammad Ali)


Have a good day.


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