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Alan's Dr. Appointment


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Alan had a long appointment with Dr. this afternoon.

1st as Alan's recurrent cancer is now stable and the

fact he has such a tough time with chemo, chemo has

been stopped for now. Alan's Dr. does not see benefit

in putting Alan through more chemo at this time.

I believe his weight of 134 is also a factor

Alan's Dr. does want his lung tapped for the pleura

effusion asap, by the end of the week if possibe, but

with insurance red tape may be 1st of next week. The

cells will be tested and depending on what is found

will determine the next course of action. At least

Alan should start to feel better with all the fluid

out of his lung.

The "new spot" on is chest wall will be montitored for now.

So exactly as the scans showed, a mixed bag of results.

I will update once Alan has his lung tapped and all

the cytology reports are in.

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