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Getting to Know You - March 12


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I guess if you could be invisible, you wouldn't need to read people's minds, as you could hear everything they were saying without being seen. So, I guess I would prefer to be invisible. But...on second thought...reading minds wouldn't be bad. Can you tell how easy it is for me to make decisions...lol?

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Invisible. I would love to be able to watch my children without them knowing it I think seeing them act naturally without inhibitions from being watched would tell me alot about what is on their minds. BUT - if I could read their minds - or anyones mind, I might find out things I don't really want to know!

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wow - this is a tough one. i think i might want to be invisible. like Janet said, i think it would be great to be able to watch Jack interact with other kids & adults without him knowing i am there. there is the added plus of being able to "catch" people in a lie since you could hear what they are saying to other people without them seeing you in the room.

then again, reading people's minds might be good too - but, I agree that I might just find out a lot of things that I don't want to know!

So, I guess I would say invisble (I think)

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I think I would want to read peoples minds. To know

exactly what they were thinking. Even though you could hear people talking

while being invisable, you still would not know if they were speaking the truth.

wouldn't reading minds be so very helpfull during an Election year :wink:

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