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Pet scan and new biopsy date


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Mom had her PET scan yesterday. It was good, other then it did show an additional tumor, smaller but they do think it is a primary tumor. He also feels she is at a Stage IIIA and that it is NSCLC but we will know for sure on Tuesday. He did give us a bit more hope on the short term prognosis and that left us all feeling better.

He comfirmed to my mom that YES it is Lung Cancer. I think finally she can start accepting it and go gung ho into treatment.

All in all a good day today.

Also we got some good advice to call American Cancer Society and I think they will be of great help in many areas.

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Laura, I'm sorry to hear that they comfirmed your mom has lung cancer. I'm sure this is NOT what your dear mom wanted to hear. I'm also sure she will be in shock for a while. That's very normal after you've been told you have lung cancer.

Also, what advice did you get regarding ACS? They don't offer much help anymore and they don't have much to do with lung cancer. So I'm wondering what you mean by good advice to call them. Is your mom looking for help for something? If you don't mind my asking where do you live, or where does your mom live. Just need the state not the home address. :wink:

So, how much lite up on your mom's PET scan? You mentioned another tumor showed up? Did it lite up on the PET scan? Did they say what kind of NSCLC this was? What did the doctor say as far as the short term prognosis? I'm very sorry for asking all these questions, but so much of this doesn't make sense to me is all, and I'm just trying to understand it all so we/I can all help you to help your mom.

If your mom is in need of some kind of help or insurance questions answered you can ask those questions right here and someone will offer you some very good advice. All the members here are very knowledgeable and very helpful. You might find what your looking for right here. :wink:

As you can see by my PROFILE I too am a Stage IIIA-B. The reason I say IIIA-B is when I went into surgery to have my lung removed, I went in a IIIA, I came out a IIIB because my cancer had spread further then they thought. So tell mom, we do SURVIVE!!! :wink:

Best wishes,


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I am so sorry that the tests confirmed it to be LC.

I know how scared and confused you and your mom must be right now. Take a deep breath - start writing down questions you want to ask her doctor. The more information you can get regarding her treatment plan, the better. Once that plan is in place, you will be amazed at how much better you both will feel.

Please, please, ask any questions of us. We will be here for you.

Hugs to you and your mom - Patti B.

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I'm sorry to hear that the lung cancer has been confirmed. We will be here for you to answer any questions and to help you through this. It took my mom awhile to accept the LC diagnosis, so I understand that part of it. Let us know what treatment the onc recommends and we can help you understand what to expect.


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Everyone here is such wonderful supportors. Thank you so much. Now lets see if I can answer.

1. ACS info. We got the lodging help that is provided from seattle hotels, I recieved many phone numbers to call about coordination help, support groups, groups that can help with copays and transportation. Many helpful things like that. I got more then I expected when I sat down to make the call.

2. We live about 2 hours away from Seattle.

3. Her PET showed a smaller tumor in her mid to lower lobe on the right, and he feels that this is the primary tumor. The medialstenial tumor is much larger but not the primary. Nothing else showed up. No he could not confirm the NSC type but feels that is what it is. The comfirmation will come on Tuesday. But he also believes she is not a candidate for surgery.

4. He did not give us a short term prognosis but did say the 4-6 weeks that the previous doctor gave us is not accurate.

She is being see by Dr Wood at University of Washington for the Biopsy then she will come back to our hometown for treatment. That should start on Thursday.

Again thank you so much for all of the support and help that is given to everyone that comes here.

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Glad to hear your mom is closer to getting all the information she needs and you need to handle her cancer. Once you know everything and a treatment plan is arranged, it does help a lot. I hope you get all the help and information you need. If we can be of help, don't hesitate to ask. There are many knowledgeable people here. Keep us updated.


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