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CT Update, not as hoped

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Well here it is one week after my latest CT and the news this morning wasn't what I wanted to hear. It appears that I have one MET to the right frontal lobe of my brain some distance above my eye, very small but there none the less. I'm now scheduled for a full brain and spinal MRI to be followed by a PET along with further consultation.

There was some discussion regarding what the treatment might be based on different possible findings. If it is just the one, surgical removal at this point followed by radiation to the perimeters were suggested as the best treatment. Another option was radiation to the point of the met from several different angles. If there are other tiny ones then I guess were are talking whole brain radiation and ?

I'm frightened but more than anything my warped sense of humor is wondering who I'll be after any of these because the frontal lobe is where your personality traits are?

I wasn't surprised at the news, just very sad. I had always thought given the size of my tumor that only a miracle could have staged it at 1B. I had been feeling a little off for a few weeks, getting tired again but it's allergy season here so I wasn't too worried. I was having some difficulty thinking of words, but I wrote that off to just more senior moments.

Don't know what to expect but the next fight is on, I'll know more next Thursday.

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Thank you all for your well wishes and kind response. I completed the latest two day round of tests yesterday afternoon, now it's just the next twenty-four hours waiting for results and suggested treatment/treatments.

I remain optomistic, will research what ever is suggested, get second opinion if need be and look this thing in the eye, but that doesn't mean I'm not frightened. To sufggest anything else would imply I'm not human and have just told a wopper of a lie.

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I've been waiting to hear what the outcome of the tests is??? I hope you're not still waiting since I thought 24 hours....that would have been yesterday. Surely hope you aren't. But maybe the holiday weekend??? Anyhow..........hoping to hear some good results and wishing for the best.


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