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Prayers please


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Hi everyone.

I know I haven't been around much lately, but I need to get straight to the point. My mom has been having stomach problems for the last few months, to the point where she couldn't keep anything down. She went to a gastro doc and he just said she had severe constipation. However, they did an abdominal CT and found she had fluid building up down there as well as some masses on the abdominal wall. They think her cancer may have came back, or we never fully got rid of it. All this time the PET scan and chest CTs were okay-looking.

I am in disbelief once again, but it's not as hard-hitting as before. The reason I didn't want us living seperately was because I wanted to be able to help her whenever she needed it. Please say prayers for her healing because she is starting to talk as if this is the end again. She sounds like she doesn't have any more fight in her. And I think she feels as if she doesn't have anything to live for anymore. She doesn't wanna go back to Block because she thinks its too much work, but she's willing to take their supplements again. They only have one car now, so she can't come over as much. We beat this thing once, hopefully she will beat it again. I hate this stuff. I am having stomach problems too and I am scheduling an appointment today.

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