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This Is My RE-registration Arriving Back to Our Roots.


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Hi There, Gail, :D

That is the big problem with letting people know that everything is OK when the PC is down.

I will need to think of a way to do that even if I have to go to the library and use theirs.

We are doing fine, and will be going out today for a much-needed social with Claire and Bill. We look forward to these get-togethers.

We do these outings about once a month - depending on our respective situations.

Getting out socially is so very important in lifting us out of ourselves. They understand pretty much the whole scenario with this, and there is no need to explain much.

Thank you, Gail, for thinking of us, and I hope all is going along well for you.


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Hi Carole, :D

Welcome to LCSC and these warm and helpful people.

It was so comfortable to have been accepted here. I needed to have a lifeline to support and this is an answer to a special prayer.

When I recently re-arrived here, I believe I posted in the wrong place. :lol:

Bill's profile of treatments (signature) had been in my files, so that was easy to transfer, but shrinking it and filtering out the superfluous was another matter.

BUT, I received help. (Do not hesitate to ask anything here, they jump in and save the day.)

It takes a little while to adjust, but it is easier each day. Just seeing all the categories is very helpful.

One day, when I get my act together, I will post in "My Story." That way, the whole journey will be put into place. The only reason it is important is that it "may" help others to know that lung cancer affects actual human beings.

We are not just statistics.

It is sooo good to "see" you, Carole, :)

Sending you all our best,


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Thanks, Barb. It is truly great to "see" you again, too, and also great to learn Bill's still doing so well. :lol:

Will you be posting research news on this site like the old days? I cannot begin to express how invaluable those were to me and would also like to offer my help in "news-gathering" if you can just tell me when, how and where to do it! LOL


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:D Hello Carole :D

Yes, Carole, I have been posting the news here on LCSC for a short time now.

On the first page there are various categories. Scroll down and you will see "LUNG CANCER IN THE NEWS." There are news items from members which are very interesting, and up-to-date.

Just the other day, I received an email from Lori Hope, who gave me a "heads up" on a news article in which she was a subject.

Coincidentally, our son, William, who resides in New York, actually mailed the same article to us from a newspaper clipping.

(It is posted in "Lung Cancer in the News" [on the first page here by scrolling down to that category].)

I would love any item you might think is newsworthy. You can even post it here yourself, Carole. :lol:

There is a statement at the "Lung Cancer in the News" category which invites lung cancer news, or send it to me - either way - whichever you like.

Today, Bill and I are going to take one of our sons, Joe and our grandson out to lunch. We will be sitting at least 3 feet away, though, because Joe has a cold he brought up from Florida. :roll: Yikes! "It's always something..." (Gilda Radnor)

Bill's immune system is a bit compromised at this time, so Joe understands our being cautious.

Thank you for your very confidence-building posting to me. It was much appreciated.

Oh, btw, if you like there is a Private Message area here, PM at each posting window, as well, or email option.

All the best to you, Carole, and keep posting. These are wonderful, responsive people, as you will discover.


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Thanks so much, Barb. I think(?) that I've finally figured out how to post (click "New Topic"?) so that's a start anyway.

I also found your "Lung Cancer in the News" postings (Thank God at last--I've been going through massive withdrawal! :()

I will also start watching out for articles, and in the meantime, if there are any sites you want me to start monitoring for you, just let me know.

Hope you and Bill had a great lunch, even if your poor Joe did have to sit half way across the room! :D

Affectionately, Carole

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I appreciate your sense of humor. Bill and I love to laugh. Did you know that it helps the immune system?

Ok, Joe did not even have to sit across the room - we visited out-of-doors. :lol:

Our grandson, Joseph, has grown so tall that I sm now feeling very short (I began as 5' 6 1/2," but have lost an inch over the years).

Of course, he hasn't reached his Grandpa's height yet - that of 6 feet, but he will get there, or close to it. :shock:

I will PM you with a few sites to watch - but do not worry about these things. It always gives me a kick to read all this stuff. Of course, then I often discover some of it is so dry and scientific, that it makes my eyes cross. :shock:

You could say that anything you find which seems you find interesting would, no doubt, be intersting to others.

I thank you so much Carole, for your offer of help. You are wonderful.

PS: You will find that those buttons at the top of the posting window are very helpful. Quote: reply

PM: private message email speaks for itself.

Luv ya,



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