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Gratitude - March 16th 2008


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Good Sunday to all.

Grateful for the spring

melting that is starting,

now we have to watch for

flooding. Safe where I live.


The harvest of old age

is the memory and rich

store of blessings laid

up earlier in life.

(Marcus Tullius Cicero)


Talk is the activity

of the mouth;

Listening is the activity

of the heart.



Enjoy your day.


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I am grateful for good new friends :wink::) who helped me find out about my Good friend Marie! :) Thanks and Thanks to MArie (Myrnalu) for finally coming back to see us!

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I am grateful to have been accepted, and am glad to be able to relax amid my inner turmoil of emotion that is lung cancer.

You have given me peace.

Hope to know and be known for a long time, at this place of hope.


"Jyoung20"]I'm grateful for all of my friends here!!


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