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Dancing With The Stars ...Yoo-Hoo...GinnyD


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O know that many of us from this board have followed Dancing With The Stars for the past seasons and I just wanted to remind you that a new season begins tommorrow night.

Usually, I'm not too big on television but at this time of the year, I have to keep a calendar. Thank goodness I have a DVR and can record one show while I watch another, as Dancing...American Idol and Deal or No Deal all come on at conflicting times and happen to be shows I'm addicted to.

So...any other Dancing viewers here besides Ann and GinnyD? Oh yes...I do believe Lillian is also a fan of this show.

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Did anyone watch last night? It seems that a lot of the men are going to be really challenged this season. Tonight, I hope I can concentrate on watching the dancing, as it's so hard not to focus on Priscilla's lips!!!

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Boy, did I have big problems on Monday night.

The Biggest Loser

American Idol

Dancing With The Stars

And my DVR can only record 2 and I can't stay awake until 11.

Somehow I could get enough of all to keep up my reality show compulsion.

Ann, Mario again, WOW. The football player is gorgeous as is Christian. Great eye candy.

Ladies, if Priscilla could move her face (botox) as well as her hips ......... Kristi Y was excellent.

Idol, I like David Cook which really surprises me.

Loser, I am rooting for the football player whose name eludes me.

Celebrity Apprentice - Carol Alt

Survivor - Alexis

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Ginny...We both agree on Dancing and Idol. I love Dacid Cook and he is far from my usual style either music or musicians. I am very glad that Amanda went home last night!!! She must have thought this was a screaming contest, rather than a singing contest. People keep comparing her to Joplin but I can see no similarities. I was a Joplin fan and I could understand the words she was singing.

I haven't been watching The Biggest Loser. I guess I should have been, as one of the finalists is from Titusville, which is in Brevard County, where I live. Our local paper has been giving her a lot of coverage.

I can sympathize with your dilemma about what to watch, as I had the same problem with Deal or No Deal. As you know, I can't miss Howie!!! It's my goal to be a contestant on that show!!! I have the application but I need to find someone with the right camcorder (VHS format) to tape me and my support team. Hey gals....who wants to go with me to cheer me on? I need a support team of 3-4 people that are really outrageous. The wilder, the better!!!

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