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productive coughing with chemo and advanced lung cancer

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I am new to this site and have been searching through the posts for help with my mother's new problem. Background: She was diagnosed 9/30/07 with nsc lung cancer due to a brain tumor. The brain tumor was surgically removed. They informed us that there was a mass on her lung and on her adrenal gland. They have never given us a stage. She went through radiation for the brain tumors that were there after surgery and received a good bill of health on her head and doesn't need another MRI until August. She started chemo in Nov of 07 and had just finished her 6 cycles. The scan showed some shrinkage but the Dr. has advised her to do 2 to 3 more cycles then another scan. (she has been handling the chemo relatively well with little naseau and only one transfusion). She is 77 and in very good spirits. Now to my question. My father called me today that since her chemo on Fri. she has had three coughing spells that have brought up something very hard. He describes it as hard like macaroni and says it seems to have tissue in it. Does anyone have any idea what this is. She feels like it is coming from lower and not from her sinus.

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Hi Patty, I'm very sorry you have the need to find us, but I am glad that we are here to help you.

From what you have said, your mom is a Stage IV.

Once the cancer has spread to other parts of the body, it is a Stage IV.

I'm afraid I can't help you with your mothers cough issue, but I will say, anytime you have something very out of the ordinary, you really should call the doctor's office on something like that. Even on Sunday if need be.

Keep us posted. Best wishes to you and your mom and family.

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Hi Patty,

To echo what Connie said, so sorry you had a need to find us, but glad you're here.

My mom, too, has LC (see her profile below - if you could complete one with your mom's history as well that is helpful for those replying to your posts. Just go under My Profile and scroll down). She has been suffering with a harsh cough so I have done some research just on coughing in general. Much of it I did on www.onctalk.com - where our 'resident oncologist' Dr. West hosts an excellent resource site. It's a great place to search and also post questions of a more medical nature.

When reading your post, I recalled reading information about something similar at onctalk.com - here's the link: http://onctalk.com/bbPress/topic.php?id ... 0#post-881. I agree with Connie that a call or chat with her doc is in order, but thought you might find that info interesting in the meantime.

Warm cyber hugs,


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