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Hello Everyone:

I have just joined the forum, refered here by my friend Betty. We are in another forum togeather and both diagnoised at the same time.

I entered the hospital on Oct. 24th, thinking it was my stomatch. After x-rays they admitted me, next morning I was given the news, that I have cancer in my left lung and in my liver. Was told to tell my family right away. They have been very slow to do anything for me including talking with me about this. The first bio. was not a good one and had to go back as an outpatient for another. I have an appointment tomorrow with the Dr. who has not show any interest in me at all.

Another friend suggested that I try alternative medicine and have been doing that while waiting for the Dr appointment.

Thanks Betty for sending me here.

Love and prayers to all of you


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Get to another Dr. ASAP. There are many, many treatments out there for Lung Cancer. Have you been properly staged? Research this site for similar cases and take that information to your NEW doctor.

Don't give up. There are over 700 wonderful people here routing and praying for you.


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Definitely get thee to another doctor. You need a doctor who will be in your corner and on your team, which means one who cares about you...a second opinion is a MUST at any rate.

If you haven't seen this site, please take a look:


Welcome to an army of support people and knowledge. You are not alone in this and we'll be here to learn of your progress and pull with you along the way.

Peace and blessings,


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I have to agree with what everyone else has said.

I would suggest that you get a notebook and write down all your concerns and questions. This is such a hard time for you. Write all your questions down. It is easier for you to have it on paper, that way you don't forget to ask what you want to know. Write down what they give you for answers and get copies of all your tests and reports. Demand they give you answers you can understand. If they beat around the bush....get a new doctor that will give you hope.

Miracles happen everyday.

I will keep you in my prayers.

Much love and warm hugs,


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Please get another opinion. There are too many treatments out there. Don't stop with just one opinion. Are you in a small town? There is always hope, please don't give up. Your son and family need you. You are a survivor.

You will find a lot of information here on this forum. The people here are very caring and are a wealth of information. Please don't give up.

I will be praying for you...

God Bless


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I will add my two cents worth by also saying get another opinion. This is not the way you want to begin a LIFE OR DEATH BATTLE this is your life we are talking about. There is no room for a Dr. who doesnt care. There are lots of Drs. out there Vadis. Do not take this lightly if you are not 100 % happy or comfortable with this Dr. then change. I made the mistake of keeping an Oncologist that i didnt feel comfortable with and I made a very costly error. Seek another opinion! Very best wishes to you and keep us posted.



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Hello Vlads;

Also wanted to give you a warm welcome to the group, so very sorry that you have been diagnosed with this dreadfull disease but glad you are with us. You will find good inf., warm and caring people and most importantly survivors here dealing with exactly what you are. Know one should have to go through this alone!!

I also would say that you could do with a second opinion and if at all possible seek treatment at a cancer center. With lung cancer its expected that we do this. It affords the best possible care as well as providing a degree of comfort for us. Certainly helps and sounds like you could use it.

again welcome, and you will be in my prayers

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC-stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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Just want to thank all of you especially for your prayers.

I kept my Dr appointment on the 18th and have been so angry. Another wasted day. He said the results from my bioposy taken on the 12th were not back yet. I let him know how unhappy I am with him and his lack of care. I also said I wanted to go to the Moffitt Center. He said it would take me four weeks to get an appointment there.

I looked them up on the internet, filled out a form, and they called me the next day. As soon as the hospital sends the information they need they will call me with an appointment.

I find it very hard to believe that it has been almost a month now and I know no more then I did last month.

Just wanted you to know that I am not waiting for this Dr. to do anything for me. I just wonder how much he is going to charge my insurance for the office call just to tell me he had nothing to tell me.

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Two things.

First off I agree with Don. If there is any way to do it, fire the doc. There is NO reason for him to have had you keep that appointment if he had nothing to tell you. Except, of course, to get a few extra bucks out of your insurance.

Secondly something to keep in mind. I just got through with the diagnostic phase of my disease. I went through a ton of tests and it took quite a while. My first reaction was similar to yours, "I want something done and I want it done ... NOW!". I think, from reading messages here and other places, that is a pretty normal response as soon as we hear the word cancer. But I've learned that in our case (those of us with NSCLC) there usualy isn't any reason to "run in circles, scream and shout" :). This type of cancer grows slowely, which is a double edged sword. The slow growth usualy allows the cancer to get quite nasty before it's detected. BUT ... once it IS detected the slow growth allows us to take our time and get the diagnosis RIGHT, and, therefore get the right treatment for our particular situation.

So if I have any words of wisdom it would be to get rid of that doc and get one that you can trust and work with, then go to the patience store and get a couple extra bags of serenity (and a couple of good books :)). The answers for your situation are out there. They just might be a little slow in comming.


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