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And two years later...


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Wow. Two years ago today we were sitting in Dr. Jhett's (renowned lung doctor at the Mayo clinic in Rochester) office when he told us that indeed dad does have lung cancer. Tomorrow we would find out what kind.

When I think of it, my stomach begins to churn, and I am reminded of how desperate we were, how prayerful I was, and how surreal each and every day was following.

But today, exactly two years later, I call home to find my dad outside, splitting and organizing his firewood pile for next year. "It was such a mess," they tell me!

Wow...what a great phone call!

Dad is doing great. He is still in remission, still blessed by God, and though changed, he is still very much my favorite dad. Cancer HAS changed him. He is cautious, slower, thinner, and living in fear. But he is also alive, watching his grandchildren play hockey and with dolls.

I have changed too. I am busy, a bit of a hypochondriac, and unfortunately...and I don't know why...I am less prayerful. For that I feel so guilty...I have taken it too much for granted our precious gift of healing. Of course, I say prayers every day...I pray for health of my own family, as well as for yours...but it lacks the desperation-if you will-that it used to have. I don't know...maybe this is a good thing????? Mom says I worry to much...hmmm....I know I get that from her.

Anyway...these are just my ramblings....two years later...

Let it give you hope...let it give you peace. Untreated Dad was looking at best 6 months - by the way...this was through our own research...nothing the docs told us...they only EVER had hope and still do.



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I am so happy for your family. I also need to share what an inspiration you are. I think of you at times when my faith is low. It reminds me to believe and have faith even at times when it is hard to see. I am glad that "Desperation" has left, though I know that you are thankful for everyday and for the gift of healing. I just want you to know that you helped me when I needed it most. Thank you.

Continue to be greatful for everyday. Though it is different, time and healing are the greatest gift.

Though my mom's cancer has returned I continue to pray. I continue to pray for those gifts. I still believe they can happen, miracles happen.

I continue to pray for your family. I am so happy for you!


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This is a great post. I love reading about those with

SCLC that contiue to live their lives and give hope to those newly diagnosed.

I think we all live with our quiet fears, but that is

the nature of our beast, the best we can do is not

let the fear control how we live our lives.

Continued blessing to you and your family

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Congrats on the remission....I have a precious Stepfather that was diagnosed with Limited SCLC in April 2006, he was told 8 weeks with no treatment and 2 years with treatment, I too was so fearful, just beggin God for 6 months, then prayed that we would have 1 year and so on.... he was clean in October 2006 then the dreaded news in late Dec 2006 that it had spread to bones... well now alomst exactly 2 years from diagnosis, he is at home with hospice, waiting for the end... so devastating, he is only 60 and my Mom (lban) is the Angel who is by his side 24/7, we are thankful for not alot of pain at this point, it is strange how we come to accept his fate, when we we begging for survival 2 years ago and now just pray that he passes and is put out of his misery - sorry for the ramble....Enjoy your precious Father, his remission is such a blessing!

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Jen I have to apologize to you, because when I first read your post, I was a little jealous and would not comment. Your posts were so often what gave me hope that this cancer could be beat. I am not ashamed to admit that I am jealous of you still having your Dad. I really wish I could still have my sister.

But at the same time, I am very happy for your family, because I know what a wonderful gift you have been given.

I hope I don't sound like an awful person. Just being honest.

Love to you and yours,


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