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Getting to Know You - March 17


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Once the weather warms up, I will be on a roll doing yard work (or as much as I can handle) and really getting my house deep-cleaned!!! You would think I would do the inside stuff in the winter so I have more time for my beloved garden, but I just can't seem to ever get motivated to do much in the cold months.

Patti B.

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I've been pretty unmotivated lately, and have yet to figure out why or what to do to fix it.

Usually deadlines though. I wait and wait and wait then cram, just like in college. If only i had some deadlines at home, my basement would have been finished 3 years ago when I started it, and it wouldn't have taken me 3 months to refinish my coffee table, my taxes and all my friends taxes that I do would be done, and I would have renovated the bathroom like I've been planning on for 1 year.

Wow, did I go off on a tanget there.

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