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Gratitude - March 17th 2008


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Third time lucky????

lost two posts already.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!

Or in English: Happy St. Patrick's Day To You All!


Grateful for the good news from

members of the forum.

Grateful that only one phone call

is needed to get an appointment

to see Dr. De Medices.......still

have trouble understanding this

good news for me.....Must be St.Pat's

work and Michael Patrick pushing behind.


Grateful that I'll celebrate this

day thinking of all the St.Patrick's

days I enjoyed with Mike, after all

he was Irish and proud about it.


The man who makes no mistakes

does not usually make anything.

(Bishop W.C. Magee)


Some people can stay longer in an hour

than others can in a week.

(William Dean Howells)


Have a good day.


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Grateful to be Irish on such a great day...

Grateful to be wearing an audaciously green shirt, stitched with a shamrock, that belonged to my grandpa, who would be 100 this month...were he still living.

Grateful that I have all of you to keep me grounded and to remind me of the wonderful gifts I have been given in my life.

Grateful that the 3 inches of snow we got overnight will be gone by the end of the week....grrrr....bring me spring!


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