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Update on my Dad


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I didn't get a chance to update, but my dad's scan results that we got on the 7th were stable. We will take it for now. We did find out that there has been diffuse bone involvement from the beginning. Unfortunately when we went to the oncologist initially, they got us in the same day and he didn't have any reports from his scans and the other doctor didn't put it in the referral. I am pretty confident that him not telling dad was simply an oversight. We only found out when he said it was time to add in Zometa or Arredia. I hope I got the spelling right on those two.

Unfortunately, I did have to take dad to the ER this weekend and we think he had a panic attack due to shortness of breath. While there they had respiratory therapy come down and test is O2 saturation after activity and set him up for oxygen supplementation at home. It only dipped low enough once, but he really wanted to have it there I think. I think he gets scared when he gets short of breath and feels safer knowing it is there. He does still have some infection around the primary tumor and the ER doc agreed with his oncologist that it is just in an area that is going to be really difficult to treat. The primary concern is preventing it from turning into a full blown pneumonia. They put him on a combination inhaler and another cough medicine to loosen the secretions in his lungs. They also gave him a prescription for Zofran because nothing seems to have helped his nausea. Hopefully he can get to feeling better. It confuses me he has only seemed to feel worse and worse with stable disease considering he is only receiving Avastin at this point. I hope we are on the right track to him feeling better.

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