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Getting to Know You - March 18


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Here, things really seem to have slowed down a lot. I have never seen a time, in the 20 years since I've lived in this area, that there haven't been any job listings in the paper for clerical, food service or miscellaneous. There are maybe three for domestic listings and about 15 daily for medical and professional. There are tons of foreclosures every week in my county (hundreds). The only place there seem to be lines is at the grocery store. People have drastically changed their grocery shopping habits. One Florida grocery chain, well known for quality and customer service but a little bit higher in price, has really been hurt by a lower price chain that has been having great sales. Not a good sign that people are willing to forego quality for price.

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hummm that "R" word could stand for SOOOO Many words,

Racked over the coals, Robbed, Railroaded, yep I guess all those words mean "Recession"! :roll::(

You know that a Recession is when your neighbor is out of a job. And a Depression is when Your out of a job! hummmmm food for thought here!!

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