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Gratitude - March 19th 2008


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Good morning all,

just under the snow again,

the snow storm started during

the night and will finish for

Easter morning......four days.

Can't take much more of the winter,

but still count myself lucky because

the roof still ok.

Many roofs collapsed during the

last days and schools are closed

while the roofs are getting scraped

of six feet of accumulated snow.

Could say it is the worst winter

I remember and it is not finished


Grateful that I may be able to go to

volunteer work on foot, at least I'll

will try it is downhill, that is the

easy part....coming back will be harder.


You can always tell a real friend:

when ypu've made a fool of yourself,

he doesn't think you've done a permanent




Retirement should be based on the tread,

not on the mileage.



I believe in the sun even

when it is not shining.

I believe in love even

when not feeling it.

I believe in God even when He is silent.

(Concentration camp prayer)


Have a good day.


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Jackie...............I'm EXHAUSTED hearing about your winter woes WAY up there to the north. Maybe you need to consider moving a bit further south????? You'd LOVE it here in the US ~ and the US would be lucky to have you!!

Now on to being grateful.........grateful Jackie can get to her volunteer work. When she checks in after RETURNING home....I'll be grateful about that!!!


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