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Joe B

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Hi Everyone, saw the oncologist today. The Report is good. Stable disease with increased cavitation in several nodules.

For the last 6 weeks I went back up to 150mg of the tarceva. When I first started taking tarceva we saw cavitation in the nodules, but I later decreased the dose due to fatigue issues to 100mg. By re-upping the dose the cavitation re-appeared and it looks like the tarceva is killing many of the nodules from the inside out.

This type of cavitation (dead in the center) is a good thing because they are small nodules (5mm-10mm. The same thing can happen with very large tumors when the tumor is growing too fast and the blood supply can't keep up. Thankfully that is not the case here.

Praising God for the good report. I am staying on the tarceva 150mg and we'll rescan in 3 months.

BTW my oncologist (Dr Kalmekarian at the UofM) prescibed adderrall to help me with the fatigue and that has worked wonders.

God Bless.

Joe B

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Geez...........I just HATE it when I miss GOOD NEWS. You're probably on your vacation now!!! Sorry I didn't extend my congratulations before. NEVER want to get behind when things are going so great.

Can't wait to see the pics. Sounds like a wonderful trip to celebrate good news healthwise AND your time with Gina!


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