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NEED INFO - Donation websites


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I have a family member whose friend has glioblastoma. A friend to both has stepped up and started raising money for the patient's care. The snag? The website everything has been linked to collect donations has canceled their account.

Does anyone here know of any websites that are trustworthy and offer fund-raising services? I'd like to have an answer for Mark's daughter as soon as possible.

Thanks for your input!


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The only thng I can suggest is having them set up their own webpage and put a PAYPAL link on it where funds go directly to them and/or a fund at a local bank designated to that person. Then they can promote their website and have total control over their fundraising.

Good luck. Most "ready" fundraising sites are pre-made to benefit a specific foundation or organization so I don't know how much luck you will have with them if you are trying to personally fundraise for a specific person.

Good luck.

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