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Getting to Know You - March 20


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How much do your family possessions and heirlooms mean to you? Let's imagine you were offered 1 million dollars to pack up your family and move into the home of your choice. One catch...you would be able to bring nothing with you except family and pets. Would you take that offer?

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Nope, not going because my house is my most treasured possession. It was my parents home when they were first married, and it has been mine since John and I were married. I hoping one of my children will live here one day.

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My response actually has nothing at all to do with a million dollars. And I must explain that I am a very tender-hearted, sentimental, loving person ~ not hard-hearted who cares about nothing. BUT nothing I have holds GREAT holding power over me. Yes, I have some lovely pieces of jewelry from parents/grandparents. Have some beautiful pieces of furniture, etc., etc. I lost most family photos years ago. What I feel is this.........all that is precious to me I hold within my heart. Of course I would be devastated to have to start all over if, say, our home burned down. But things are replacable.

So, Ann, to answer your question, I guess I would be a million dollars ahead!


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Although my financial situation is really the pits right now, I would have to turn down the offer. You see, I'm such a sentimental person and I love all my little "treasures" even if they are worthless. I just can't imagine leaving behind family photos, old butter churns, grandma's kitchen utensils, etc. Although the money could buy a lot of nice, new stuff and lots of peace of mind right now....my heart would be broken. And, there's not enough money to mend a broken heart!!!

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I am with you!! I have always said that if I knew a terrible storm of some kind was coming and I had to leave the house, I would grab all the photo albums and some of my favorite antiques. Could care less about the clothes and shoes.

There are just those things that I would hate to see my son not have as he becomes a grown-up. Plus, I am a very sentimental person. So I guess I will always be poor!! :cry:

Patti B.

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No way, this place, our acreage, is such comfort to me, I couldn't leave. In 2004 when a tornado tore through here, our house wasn't completely destroyed but even if it had been, we would have stayed and rebuilt. This little piece of land is "home" to my physical self and my heart.


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With the million I would move

to NZ where all my family

and heirlooms were sent to one

friend while Mike was alive and

we were planning our passing,

even some ashes from Mike are there,

so easy to accept the million, and

move on.

One million is the needed money to

emigtate to NZ at my age, had checked


Thank you Ann,

will take it.


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