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Feeling better


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I had the fluid drained on March 14th. They took 2.5 liters of fluid out of the right plural cavity. I am now able to work out on the tread mill and walk a lot more. I am hoping by increasing my exercise program that it will keep the fluid from coming back. I have started the Tarceva 150mg one day and 100mg the next, and then I will go on 150mg every day. I am also going to try and get an opinion from M.D. Anderson. I want to get back to posting more.

Stay positive, :)


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Hurray Ernie :lol: !!!!! Sure glad to hear you're feeling better after getting rid of all that fluid! Now my hopes and prayers for you will be that the Tarceva works its magic and FAST!!!! Good to see you, Ernie. Just don't overdo........start off with baby steps so as not to make 'trouble' for yourself You KNOW I'm rooting for you and just about your biggest cheeleader!


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That's super. I had 3 litres removed and it is remarkable how much better one feels after it is gone. It just snuck up on me...but thank goodness it did or I may have not been diagnosed as quickly. The fluid as far as I know has not come back. I had never been on the treadmmill before this disease hit me. But I swear getting on it and staying on it really helped me through treatment and will continue to help me get healthier. So good for you, just keep on walking and breathing...I think it does a world of good.

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Dear Ernie,

I am "new again" here. You have sent me so many supplements as information for Bill at the other board. I have them all in my files, as you have suggested. You are a very special fellow.

I keep you in my very good thoughts and always thank you in my heart for all you do for others.

Bless you always,

Barbara (aka BarbaraEllen),

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