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Study of thalidomide to shrink tumors pre op

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Just got the The news letter from the Univ. of Mn CME and they talk of offering a new study being done to use thalidomide with 2 other chemo drugs before surgery to shrink tumors. I wonder if it would help those of us who are not candidates for surgery to become candidates? If any one wants the address I can forward it to your Email. The address is very long to copy .

When I started a "google " search I found they have done studies on small cell lung cancer that so far are very promising. If you remember it is the drug years ago given for first trimester nausea that caused babies to be born with limbs. They say it works on the tumors by cuting off blood supply. Perhaps it cut off blood supply to those rapidly developing arms and legs . Well none of us are pregnant and taking chemo so no worry but some of us have been nauseated so that might help there too.

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