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Any hope after pain pump installed?


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Hi everyone..

I've been reading these boards for almost a year.. I feel like I know all of your stories already. This is my first post (I think..) My sister is stage iv nsclc.. and just had a pain pump put in. I'm wondering what now? She's still in the hospital...before the pain pump she was sleeping most of the time, unable to really do daily activities.. the dr. made it seem like she would be better (mentally) w/ the pump b/c it's a smaller amount of narcotic than what she was taking orally. I'm getting tired and losing hope.. it just seems like she's declining rapidly. We were so hopeful that she would "beat the odds" because she's young and never smoked. She has lost so much weight now and seems so fragile and tired, I really can't imagine her getting more chemo. I don't know how to build up her strength if she won't or can't eat. She is still saying she's going to fight this... and it makes me want to cry because I'm afraid she's not strong enough... Anyway, my question is... does anyone else have a pain pump and function normally or does this mean it's almost over..

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I cannot answer your question about the pain pump but I did want to let you know that you and your sister will be in my prayers. Others will come along who may have information for you regarding the pump.

(((((Faith)))) I wish there was something more I could do for you. Your sister is blessed to have you by her side.

Wishing you strength in this difficult time - Patti B.

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I read your profile, your poor sister has been through so much. I take it the pain pump is something she will go home with and have all the time? I would just caution you that many people have posted about their loved one having problems with dilaudid so you may won't to do a search on it so you know what to watch for. I hope the IV's she is on help build her up some so she can be released soon.

Keep us posted on how she does .


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My husband had a pump from October through January 08, it was dilaudid and it kept him pretty doped. When we switched onc. they said it needed to be removed if he wanted quality of life for whatever time he has left. They also put us with a new pain management Dr. and he also said we needed to reduce the methadone and take away the pump. His pain is so bad but he did not like not being in the real world. Our new pain Dr. has him on Marinol, 1 to 2 every 3 hrs and you know it is working better than the other stuff did and is not so toxic as the others. He still takes methadone, but maybe only 3-4 pills during a 24 hour period, so he is alert now but he still has pain. He is on a fentanyl patch (75)and he has lollipops(fentanyl 600mg) for break through pain, they work for him.

He does get some relief during the early morning but I tease him about the afternoons. About 3 pm each day he goes down hill, the pain is worse so he just takes an extra marinol, all it does is make him sleepy.

The stats say he has about 6 more months, but we do not pay any attention to that, we just trust and put our faith in God, he is the only one making that call.

He also is very weak and is down from 210 to 180 but he is a trouper. We try to keep about 2500 calories a day in him because the cancer eats your nutrients.

They do want to place a pump like an epidural in his spine to see if that will give him some relief and we are waiting on all that to be arranged. They said it could not hurt to try.

Just stay strong, it is journey. Kathy

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