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my father has lc


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Hi Liza. I am glad you have your dad with you now...so sorry he is not doing well.

The cough could be caused by some fluid build up and might significantly relieved if it was drained. The draining procedure can usually be done on an outpatient basis. It involves local freezing and putting a tube in side of chest and then draining the fluid out. I think they can only tell if there is fluid through a CT scan. Maybe he had one done in the past. If not, maybe you can convince him to get one of those done. This is just a possibility, as cough could also be caused by tumours. But worth looking into for better quality of life.

Hope this helps

You and your dad are in my thoughts


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Please allow Inez and I to express our sincere condolences to you losing your wonderful dad. We have lost our parents and realize how tough this loss can be. Words are never enough, but we will keep you and him in our thoughts and prayers.

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I am so sorry for your loss, I lost my dad at 66 to staph infection and 19 years later I miss him every day but I know that he is with me every day also. I hope you find some comfort in the good memories of his time shared with you as you grew up and as an adult. My prayers are with you.


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my father suffered terrribly, he was in severe pain in the weeks before he died, it killed me and my family to see him that way and there was nothing we could do

it doesn't console me that he is not suffering anymore because we lost him, for good,

he was taken from us unfairly while there were still many things we look forward to, to share, to make up for, or just be there for one another

we will bury my father on Saturday, May 24

thanks Patti, Max, Deb, Lisa, Shelli, Gail, Sue, Denise

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Hi Lisa, I am so sorry you are carrying this horrible burden. Your dad was much to young to leave.

Please accept my deepest of sympathies to you and your family. I am just glad he was home when he past.

Your dad will live on through you and all his love ones. He will always be in your heart and there he will live on. I know in my heart that he looks down upon his family and smiles as he is free and will always just be a whisper away.

Take care sweetie, and know that our heart breaks for you and your family.

Grieving is horrible and unpredictable. I pray for strength for you to help you get through this extremely difficult time.

We are always here for you.


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