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2nd line SCLC treatment w/ amrubicin and other trials


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My mother had a good experience with amrubicin as a second line chemo for SCLC. Here is the trial number and it is a Phase III trial. You can only have had one prior chemo regimen.


Her experience was that it was far less toxic than the platins and topotecan which she had as a third line. She had a tremendous response to it and was not as sick. She had to be dropped from the study because she caught a cold and missed too many weeks of treatment.

As far as my experience with clinical trials, that is one thing you want to know going into it......how many weeks can you miss before you are dropped from the study? If we had known that it was 6 weeks, you can bet that she would have been back in there at 5 weeks getting the drug.

We are now getting ready to start another clinical trial involving CBT-1 and taxol. The research is being done because they believe there is a "pump" in cancer cells that pumps out the chemo and keeps the cancer cells healthy. The CBT-1 will prevent the pump from working so hopefully the chemo will get into the cancer cells more effectively.

This particular trial is not published since it is an offshoot of another clinical trial. I just happened to find out about it by calling for info about another clinical trial. So, keep that in mind when you are searching for clinical trials. This is with the NIH in Bethesda, MD. Apparently that happens a lot (they have side trials that are not listed on clinicaltrials.gov.

The trial that this branched off of is: NCT00437749 which was originally for NSCLC.

I will post later about the results. We have our intake appt on April 2 and start treatment on April 4. So far, I have had a wonderful experience with NIH and they are VERY fast in getting you into the trials. In all my research with Johns Hopkins, Duke and MD Anderson, they all want at least 2 weeks to review all your history (which really means 3 weeks since it takes you a week to get all the files up there) and then you meet. And then they make a recommendation for you. And then at least 1-2 weeks later, you can begin a trial. With NIH, we are starting the treatment within 14 days of my first contact.

Hope this helps someone,


(please read the bio info below for more info).

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I realized I should clarify my post about clinical trials at locations other than NIH. My experience may be totally different from yours and I would still encourage you to contact places such as Johns Hopkins, Duke and MD Anderson to find out any and all possible treatments for you. It is entirely possible that they wanted to meet with her first and get all records way in advance because my mom is looking at 4th line treatment. Plus I also accept the fact that I may just not have spoken with the right person. If you don't get the answers and info you want.....keep on going up the line and don't forget about the "squeaky wheel" phenomenon of course!


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