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I had a left upper lobectomy in December 2006. At that time was staged at 1A. This was found on a routine chest X-ray. Then, in September of 2007, had RFA done on two lesions in the lower right lobe. In January of 2008, my 3-month CT scan showed three very tiny spots (that had been there on previous CT scans, but were never mentioned). The largest of these three is 6mm. They will check my April CT Scan to see if the 6mm spot has gotten any larger.

It has been15 months since Iwas originally diagnosed. I still have my "bad" days, but so far have no pain. Other than occasional shortness of breath - like climbing stairs - you wouldn't even know that anything was wrong.

I do wonder what stage I would be right now, being that I had a recurrence on the right lower lobe, and now that small spot on the upper right lobe. So far no involvement of any nodes.

I have a wonderful, supportive husband, two great kids, and four grandchildren.

I will be posting from time to time, and will be here every day to give support. I live this 24/7, but have a pretty positive outlook right now. Thank you for letting me join you all.


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Welcome Barbara. That was a very nice introduction. Nice to have one more out there to give us all the support we need. Funny how it can "look" like nothing is wrong. In the inside I suspect we all feel touched forever by this darn thing. I certainly have my "off" days as well but try like you to be as positive as I can.

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Hello Barbara and welcome~

I am really glad you have joined us and am hoping you will continue to post.

It sounds like you have a super support system with your family and your outlook and attitude will do wonders in this fight.

Looking forward to getting to "know" you,



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Hi Barbara! I had an upper right lobectomy January '05 and am now awaiting scans in April to check on a 'spot' that showed up at my last checkup in January. Guess we can hold hands till then :wink: ! It's nice to 'meet' you. Hopefully we can both be celebrating some good news then. I'm glad to get to know you.......just a shame that this is the reason why, huh??? Hope you stick around ~ this is a very supportive place to be.


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