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Easter in Heaven


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I have really struggled these past few weeks, grieving for Mom so deeply when I thought I was doing 'so well'. I've had a hard time with Lent, honestly. It seemed so steeped in death, and darkness. I knew I was missing the point and the bigger picture, but I couldn't shake it.

I've always said that, as a testament to my mother, I feel closer to her when I am at church. I feel her presence there so strongly, and I know any faith I have came straight through her. I also miss her the most when I am at church, coming close to breaking down several times recently.

Tonight as I sat at our Easter vigil mass, I felt true joy for the first time in a quite a while. I thought of Mom celebrating her first Easter in heaven with my dad---a front row seat to the main event.

Here's hoping I can hold on to that joy. I pray for Easter joy for all of you, and the promises of Spring (especially for our northern buddies!).


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What an uplifting post, and a wonderful way to think of your mom. I am so glad you found a little peace today. I imagine my mom up there putting together baskets for all the little ones, complete with a Beanie Babies and lots of chocolate. :D Oh, yeah, and she would be organizing an easter egg hunt.

I'm sorry you've been having a rough time of it lately, it's so unpredictable these days. And I agree with you about Lent...but then we hit Easter, which is a time of such great rejoicing.

Many blessings to you and yours today...

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