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How long till normal energy level returns?


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Hi everybody,

Well Hank is doing alright. I think. First infusion of Carbo/Taxol was this passed Wednesday. We returned to the Doc on Thursday for Nulasta injection. He was doing alright as far as energy, appetite and no nausea or pain. Today, he's extremely tired and achy. Still no nausea or loss of appetite. Just wondering when his energy level is expected to rebound. Yesterday, pretty much all day he was feeling really quite well. Not today though. He's scheduled for the next infusion on April 9th, and I would like to see his energy return before he gets treated again.

Thanks, Gail

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Hi Gail-

I think with everyone its different. First of all, the Nuelasta shot could have kicked his butt - I know my first one did and then it got better with each one after that.

Also, I find that my very "tired" week is NOT the week immediately following chemo, its the week prior to my next chemo - go figure, huh?? Don't know why that is but thats the week I find myself taking more naps than usual.

As with everything else with this nasty disease, he will probably settle into a routine with this, also.

Hoping for the best - Patti B.

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Hi there. My chemo drugs were different but I found I felt crappy the week after and then rebounded. It wasn't the chemo so much for me though I don't think, I think it was more getting off the anti-nausea drugs that kicked me. Everyone's experience is different for sure.

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You tend to have a down period from the chemo itself, then you may have one later if your blood counts go down from the chemo. The blood components aren't affected immediately.

Some people are more susceptible to tanking blood counts than others, plus the longer you receive chemo, the harder it is for the counts to rally back to normal levels. It's the cumulative effect of chemo and the body's bone marrow has a finite ability to regenerate blood cells and platelets. I always told my husband that, although it may not appear on the surface, his body was working very hard to heal and regenerate blood cells, so that was why he was tired. Of course low hemoglobin will automatically make you tired.

Although there do seem to be some constants with each type of chemo, every human body is different in how it will react to the therapy.

Best wishes,


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