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Yorktown Linda: just joined

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Hi. My name is Linda and I have just joined this site. Here is my history (I guess I should add this to my signature, yes?):

4/19/07 spot found on routine chest xrsy

4/21/07 TB test negative

4/22/07 CAT scan showed 2.5 cm mass in upper left lung; several smaller (>5mm) nodules scattered through all lungs.

5/5/07 PET scan: 2.5 cm only positive finding

5/14/07 Biopsy: adenocarcinoma

5/31/07 Upper left lobotemy; 2 wedge resections on lower left lung. Pathology showed clean margins and lymph nodes; smaller nodules were non-mucinous BAC.

6/6/07 Bone scan and brain MRI both negative

6/29/07 no changes on CAT scan; CEA 2.0

7/29/07 At urging of my oncologist, consulted Dr. Vincent Miller at Memorial Sloan Kettering -- MSKCC --(expert on BAC). He recommended wait and see.

10/05/07 no changes on CAT scan; CEA 2.5

2/08/08 CAT scan: new small nodule lower left; CEA 5.5

3/21/08 CAT scan: same as 2/08

3/24/08 Oncologist wants to consult with Dr. Miller. Thinking about Tarceva

Anyway, of course I'm scared and worried. Dr. is going to MSKCC today and will call me tomorrow.


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Welcome!!! Of course I am sorry you need to be here but there some really supportive people on this site. You will also find tons of info here.

Please keep us updated on your progress. If there is anything you need, please let us know.

Come here often for support and strength - you can ask questions, vent, cry, whatever.

Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs - Patti B.

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Hi, Linda, welcome to the LCSC! And yes, you should put your cancer profile info in the signature block. I don't recall seeing a history quite like yours before, with a "regular" adenocarcinoma removed from one area and the BAC variant showing up elsewhere, and it's good that you were sent to a BAC expert. If they decide to put you on Tarceva, many of us have experience with that and can help you navigate those skin toxicities. Best wishes and Aloha,


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