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I've been talking with a mesothelioma survivor who is exploring alternative medicine. She visited the ITL Clinic in the Bahamas. I was wondering inf anyone else has tried this place?

The first part of her story, which talks about her diagnosis, is posted at www.myMeso.org. Part two, about her experience with traditional treatments (chemo) will be posted today. The part about her experience at ITL will probably be up on Thursday, so check back!

Feel free to email me if you'd like to contact Charlene directly. She said it is ok for me to pass along email and phone numbers to her, and she will get in touch with you.

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I think it might be nice if Charlene would take the time to join all these wonderful members here at LCSC. Meso is a very powerful kind of lung cancer and I don't think Alternative's would be the best kind of treatments for Meso. I say, BUYER BEWARE!

I'm not sure if we have anyone at this time with Meso. But, they may be lurking.

Chemo also doesn't work very well for Meso, but they have had some luck with surgery and Meso if caught early.

I know a long term lung cancer survivor of Meso and she was 26 when she was dx.d. I also know Senetor Bruce Vento in Minnesota how lost his battle to Meso. As I said, it's a very powerful kind of lung cancer.

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Thank you so much for your kind advice! I really appreciate the feedback. I will definitely direct Charlene to this site and to the message boards.

She is very interested in expanding awareness about Meso where she lives (Rochester, NY) and talking with others who are affected by it.

I'll be posting more of Charlene's story this week.

This is a wonderful resource you have here. Bless you for this work.

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