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Getting to Know You - March 25


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24 plus some little pamphlet-like things!!!!! WOW........that really makes me sound like some kind of COOK or something! NOT!!!! I went on a spree a couple of different times and bought several ~ don't know why really. I THINK in the back of my mind I had visions of actually trying some of the recipes. Hardly has happened at all. I do use a couple of the cookbooks for some dishes I make from time to time. Other than that :cry: !


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32, including 4 editions of the Betty Crocker Cookbooks. The first ones were called the Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. I have my M-I-Ls first edition copy printed in 1950. The pictures of "Betty" have changed noteably over the years.

Yes, I love cookbooks and, sometimes even use them.


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I just counted and was shocked to find that I still have 43 cookbooks! Keep in mind, that I've been selling lots of cookbooks on Ebay and I just had a garage sale and sold some. I knew I was a collector of cookbooks but I had no idea just how bad it really was!!!

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I actually do have about 20 cookbooks. But the true story is that when I moved into my townhouse I had one carton of cookbooks and 24 cartons that contained wine, liquor and wine glasses. What does that say about me?

I do use the LCSC cookbooks alot and my DIL has one on them on a cookbook stand in her kitchen.

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