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Need encouragement, good thoughts and prayers


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Okay my mom went to the oncologist for her bloodwork in preparation for her next chemo. While there she told him about the pain she was having in her chest over the last few days.

Dr.Mac did a scan and detected not one, but two clots, one in each lung.Btw, the right lung is the diseased lung only.

So he had her admitted right away to the hospital and that is where we stand right now. Is blood clots in the lung normal with this?

How long before we know if the clots are dissolved?

Is the chemo the cause or the disease or both?

Could it be caused by lying down too much (sleeping)?

Please pray for my ma.


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I can recommend asking Dr West at OncTalk.com. He is our resident expert. Registration is free and advice comes quickly and freely. I can and will ofer my thoughts and prayers though. Sometimes the hospital is the best place to be to get better!!!

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Hello and welcome.

I'm very sorry to hear about the clots causing problems for your Mom. Clots are not uncommon with lung cancer and it is related to the disease. I'm not sure why or how long it will take them to dissolve. Someone will be around shortly that has gone through this, I'm sure. Good call on the doctor's part -- glad he was on top of things.

It is a good thing for your Mom to have some regular movement during the day. My husband was advised not to sit with his legs bent or ankles crossed -- yeah, like that happened! If she gets up and walks around every so often, it will be good for her.

Once these dissolve, she'll be placed on blood thinners to help prevent them from happening again.

Good luck and God bless,


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Oh I'm sorry to hear mom is in the hospital. Sadly enough, blood clots go hand and hand with lung cancer, and they are very very common. Not to be take lightly, but at least her doc put her in the hospital right away. That's a good thing.

Clots can take days before they desolve, and sometimes even longer. Don't worry about how long, because that way you latch onto a number of days and if after those days it's not all better, your going to be very disappointed. Just take one day at a time. Trust me, I went through this with my parents and my sister and then ME! It's ONE DAY AT A TIME on this journey.

Keeping your mom in my prayers.

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Thank you all for your thoughts, encouragement and prayers...let me give you all an update

Last night around 9:30 pm I called the hospital to see how my mom was.

I call and the woman is like, "oh your mom is not admitted yet she is still in the ER." Now I am starting to get pissed.

My grams took my mom to the ER around 9am straight from the onc's office and stayed there till around 4:30pm so now it's five hours after my grams has gotten home and my mom is still in the ER

So, trying to retain a little cool and decorum, I ask the ER nurse, "Please tell me my mom is NOT sitting in a chair all this time?" "No, no she's in a bed and being treated, it's just that we are overflowing in the ER with patients needing a bed and there are not enough empty beds yet."

I hang up and call my brother and now I can get a little hysterical...I am practically begging my brother to spend the night in the ER with our mother. I just didn't want her to be alone in the ER. It is times like these that living so far away eats at you.

Okay then I here that the attending doctor in the ER wanted to give my mother morphine and got a little huffy with my grams over it. (Later found out that wasn't exactly what happened. and my mom is on percicet not morphine)

So all last night I am not exactly a happy camper since that call to the hospital. Then of course I do this morning it's call the pcp to let them know about the ER/hospital admission.

Call the hospital again around 2:15pm today, my mom is still in the ER now this is over twenty four hours since they first arrrived and almost twenty four hours since my grams left my mom at the ER.

Believe it or not I am cool, maybe becasue I am at work. I ask this nurse, what is the problem? Same as last night, overflowing with ER patients needing a room and not enough beds. As beds become available patients are sent to a room based on the time they arrived at the ER and the severity of their illness.

But I am assured my mom is being treated and is stable.

I call my brother again and leave him a message, it turns out he is en route to the hospital at this time. He arrives at the hospital roughly about 30 mins after I called and FINALLY my mom has a been in ICU.

My brother stays with my mom while she eats everything given to her. He calls me as soon as he exits the hospital and gives me the details of everything. But here is the kicker...after throughly examining my mom the doctors found my mom had another clot--this one in her leg, in addition to the ones in her lungs which were detected by the scan ordered by her onc.

My understanding is she will stay in ICU probably thru Friday and then moved to a regular room on Saturday and Monday will be blood tests and then they will probably keep her another two days.

My mom told my brother to tell me to keep calm and there was no need for me to rush home :)

So now I feel a little bit better, but this new normal really doesn't do it for me...The old normal was pretty darn good for all of us...and yet I am grateful, if that makes any sense at all...

and very prayerful....again thank you all for your support and I will keep you'll posted.


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Just thought I'd give everyone an update on my mom.

My mom is currently in a physical rehab hospital to get the strength back in her legs; transferred there about three days ago.

While she was in the medical hospital being treated for her blood clots, the doctors did not want her to walk or move too much until maybe two days before her transfer to the rehab hospital.

From what my brother told me, the clots are not 100% dissolved, but their current status is such that they will dissolve on their own. I am just so thankful and grateful right now. And thank you all for your prayers and positive thoughts.

Btw, those medical questions I posted in my previous post above, I asked Dr. West over on Onctalk bbs. (over on the Brain mets board)

Again thank you all for your prayers.

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