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what Cancer can not take away from us!!!


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What cancer cannot take away from me

I have really been depressed lately as I am sure you have seen. Yesterday I saw a preview of "women on death row" and one woman said in it, I am afraid to die, but Iknow I will be with God. Well that set off this whole thing in my head about how at least those women knew when they were going to die exactly and how much I felt like them, and every Dr saying no was like a appeal being turned down, pretty grim I know. Let me tell you why I am NOT like them, I get to experience fresh air, beautiful sundowns, watching a total eclipse with my husband by my side, the phone ringing with a caring voice, visits from my family, the sound of laughter, and most of all the knowledge that I am not a murderer like those women on death row. I have lived my life the best that I could, I haven't been perfect but am thankful I have God to forgive me of my sin.

Jackie sent me a card a while back and it talked about what cancer can not take away from you. I was going to search for that today but decided I already knew the most important things cancer can not take away from me, My family, great friends, and most of all the great memories I have had along the way. No, cancer can not take away the memory of my husbands touch, grandchildrens first cry, the memory of watching my oldest grandson skylar look around in awe of the world that awaited him, my son KJ, carrying his babies from the delivery room, the look on his face, My son, Erics look of complete love when he saw his son for the first time. My daughter sarahs face when she found that perfect wedding dress, cancer can not take away the strength I have taught my children or the gentle touch of my husband reaching out for my hand. My sister Sherrys comforting reach to hold my hand when I am down or the sound of the laughter from my sister Debbie when she made me smile.My brothers gentle hug to let me know I would be ok no matter what... These are the things cancer can not ever take away from me and I am sure there is a million more. Most of all thank you God for giving me the strength to realize how much I have accomplished in my life, and thank you for giving me such wonderful people to share it with.

Posted by Tami at 12:31 PM


Anonymous said...

This is a very cool post, you had me in tears! It always makes me so happy when I see you find the "pearls in your sandstorm." All our love,

kristi, kenny, and kids

February 22, 2008 7:52 PM

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