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Getting to Know You - March 26


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Do you like Hershey's Kisses?

If your answwer was yes, then you know there are so very many flavors to choose from now, such as:

Original Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate with Almonds

Special Dark Chocolate

Chocolate filled with Caramel

Hugs Chocolate (Milk & White Chocolate)

Chocolate filled with Peanut Butter

Chocolate Truffle

Candy Cane Mint

Chocolate filled with Mint Truffle

White Chocolate with Orange

White Chocolate with Lemon

Chocolate filled with Coconut Creme

Chocolate filled with Vanilla

Dulce de Leche

Chocolate filled with Cherry Cordial

So...what's your favorite?

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If I had answered this question a month ago, I would have definitely chosen the Cherry Cordial. But, a couple of weeks ago, I found the Coconut Creme while buying Easter candy at Target. OMG...they are so yummy. It's almost like eating a mini Almond Joy but creamier. I think I'm going to try and run out to Target today and grab another bag before the Easter candy is all gone. I understand the orange, lemon and coconut are all special flavors for Easter.

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Yes to the Hershey kisses. I used to like the original, but I love dark chocolate so much better than milk chocolate.....better for you healthwise too ~ so you better eat up!. Hershey is only about 45 minutes from me. There is now quite an uproar since they won't be making as much here anymore. They're going to make most of it in Mexico. Lots of people are protesting by not buying Hershey products. Lots of lost jobs here. Now in Lititz, PA there is Wilbur's Chocolate Factory where they make their famous Wilbur Buds. Actually they have ALWAYS been better than Hershey.


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Kasey, I heard that on the news yesterday and wondered just how many people would be affected by loss of jobs. I'm just about to the point of thinking like an isolationist with our economy so bad. Maybe we should change our free trade policies and place a ban on buying from all foreign countries. Yes, it would hurt our economy from a selling standpoint but just think of all the new factories that would open here to make the things that are now made elsewhere. I know...crazy idea...but I have a lot of time to think now...lol!

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I know Ann. I'm not boycotting, but certainly the folks around here don't have that warm, fuzzy feeling about Hershey as they once did. I bet if we researched everything ~ there would be very little available to US consumers anymore. Sad commentary, isn't it? Hershey owns LOTS of other labels. I don't know what they all are, so even if I WANTED to boycott, I bet I wouldn't really be. BUT......even before all this, Wilbur's still had better 'kisses' ~ they call them 'buds'.


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I hear you, Ann. This is why my husband may be losing his job - he drives one of those car carriers and we all know how bad Ford is doing these days. All started with NAFTA - who didn't see all this coming??? The bad part is - if he loses his job - there goes my health insurance!! :cry:

Patti B.

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I have always liked dark chocolate better than milk chocolate, except when it comes to hershey kisses - i like the original kisses the best.

although, i hadn't known about the coconut cream kisses until now - they sound so good!!!!!

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