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Yorktown Linda: RFA?

Yorktown Linda

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Well my oncologist spoke to Dr. Miller at Sloan-Kettering and he suggested either surgery or RFA. He wants to see my recent scans first, so it's on to Sloan-Kettering on Friday.

I know about surgery -- took me months to recover from the first one. Can anyone share experiences with RFA?



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Hi John

Yes, that's one of my questions. I'm perfectly healthy, execpt, of course, that I have lung cancer and am missing half a lung. My pulmonary function tests are only mildly abnormal and while I don't relish more surgery, I am perfectly capable of undergoing it.

I don't know if Dr. Miller has any reason to believe the new growth is BAC like the litle nodules my prior surgeon said were "popping up all over" or adenocarcinoma like the larger one removed last spring.

If BAC, why remove this one but not the ones in my right lung? I know Sloan-Kettering tested my pathology slides last summer for the EGFR mutation but I never got the results. Didn't seem important at the time.

If adeno, then it seems to me some systemic treatment after surgery (or RFA) should be necessary. Even though margins and lymph nodes were clear, this tumor came from somewhere. Hard to believe I have a third primary lung cancer!!

Anyway, I'll take it one day at a time and try to live with it as best I can.


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