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Hi everybody,

Being so new to this I am wondering, once a person has completed therapy with a specific type of chemo, and then moves on to a new type of chemo, can you eventually go back to the original treatment you were receiving and have it work again? Or do the tumors mutate and become immune?



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Hi, Gail. From what I've read, going back to a previous chemo is usually not done because the cancer has mutated enough to become immune to it and/or the toxicities from the previous treatment are still in the body and will be further increased with additional use of the same drug. Dr. West at onctalk.com has written about both of these issues. If a particular drug was still working to a degree when it was stopped, then it might be tried again later if no better options exist. I'm sure Dr. West would be happy to discuss the latest research. Aloha,


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