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Looking for a buddy at the Jersey Shore!


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I don't live in Jersey - but I am from there - Kinnelon - and i have family in Bayville, Brick and Howell - all real close to you! I just rented a cottage in Ocean Beach for a week this summer - The Jersey shore is my happy place when I am in the MRI!

I have also always wanted a PBGV - they are the cutest!

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Hi Janet,

Yes, it seems that everyone has either friends or relatives in New Jersey. Lots of folks here!

I have read your profile, and it is one of the ones posted on this board that gives me the most hope! Sounds like you're doing so well, and I hope you just keep going and going.

Everybody should have a PBGV, wonderful, loving, little clowns. Rio had kept my spirits up through many difficult times lately.

All the best,


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I am in Burlington County as well,I do not have Cancer,But my father age 64,was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in April 2007,He had 2 nodes removed from his right lung ,was against chemo,waited 6 months before starting chemo,did his 6 months of chemo,and it didn't work,his red bloodcell counts are very low,he is now in St.Marys hospital in PA,with secondary bone cancer all through his body,most affected are his hips,shoulders and spine. He has beginnings of alzheimers and is seeing double,he has a patch over his left eye so he can see clearly,he also has thrush in his throat and mouth which the doctors have been fighting with now for weeks.I have medical power of attorney,being he is confused most of the time,I live in Pemberton Burlington County and drive to Langhorne PA every other day to see him,I talk to him 2-3 times a day on the phone when I am not there,I also need a friend who is going through what I am trying to keep a positive outlook.

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