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Cancer spreading through brain arteries?

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My mom was doing well. Finished etoposide/cisplatin treatments in very beginning of March. All but one doctor strongly encouraged whole brain radiation (WBRT) and we hemmed and hawed. But sadly, I wonder if we waited too long. The cancer, which had been controlled in both the brain and lung, is more agressive than we could have known and is spreading through the brain arteries.

I'm still a bit stunned. I just don't know what to expect. Doctors ordered WBRT start immediately, that same day. She's on dose two of WBRT and side effects include incredible fatigue, nausea and vomiting (vomiting wasn't a symptom during chemo), and some cognitive degeneration. Of course, I can't tell if it's caused by WBRT or the cancer itself. But I have to say I could clearly tell the difference in talking with her Wednesday night.

I hope and pray this is only a setback. I don't know enough yet to understand the implications. Still...I'm terrified that I might never be able to talk with her again like we did on Easter Sunday. I'm trying to balance my reactions. I don't want her to see my fear, because I don't want her to think I'm giving up on her. But I'm afraid of wasting any time that I could be spending with her or taking anything for granted.

~ Christine

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