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Gratitude - March 28th 2008


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Good Friday morning to all,

week end coming.

Grateful for the volunteer work

I do, I get so much more from

the people I work with than the

satisfaction of being useful.


I may not be perfct,

but parts of me are


(Ashleigh Brilliant)


The first forty years of life

give us the text;

the next thirty supply the

commentary on it.

(Arthur Schopenhauer)


Have a good day.


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I am grateful once again (believe I covered this before) for Shirley. She is the lovely lady who has sent me an inspirational card EVERY week for 3 years. I do not know her, but she 'heard' about me. After DH was dx with prostate cancer, she also now addresses the card to us both. There are truly "GOOD" people in the world.

God bless Shirley and all the Shirleys of this world!


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I'm grateful for getting some great new ideas for new crafts today. I can't wait to get started on them. Oh...I have to learn to solder but I think I can...I think I can...I think I can!!!

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