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Worried. . . again


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Mom has had a very rapid onset of pain in her upper abdomen area, same side as the lobectomy and wedge resection. She saw her primary this morning who immediately ordered a CT scan of the chest and stomach, which she is having done right now.

Hoping it's not the other shoe. . . .

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Well everyone, so far so good. The CT showed no acute change from previous scans, so no evidence of any disease. It's such a comfort to come here and talk with you all. You know the fears and scares and Kasey, you just bless my heart everytime I hear from you. What an inspiration you are. All of you, really. I appreciate you so much.

The doctor offered her pain medicine to get through the weekend and then they'll do more tests on Monday. I hope I took this the right way, but it seems like their initial fears of recurrence have subsided. There's still something going on and they still need to find out what it is, but for now it doesn't blatantly to appear to be the other shoe.

<-- sighing a HUGE sigh of relief, again.

So now I'd like to post another update. I've been waiting to do this. I knew I wanted to update, but I also wanted to make sure things were going to actually work out before I started running my mouth. :lol:

As you can tell from my picture, I am very overweight and always have been. Started my first diet at age 2 and I've steadily gained through the years until finally in the last three years I've reached an extremely unhealthy level with my weight. Without going into much detail, in the last six months to a year, I've been unable to work and function properly due to medical issues associated with my obesity. I've tried diets galore, I could lose 20 pounds and put it back on in no time. But when I quit smoking last yet (BTW, the 4th of April will make 1 year since I've smoked), I also became convinced that I could change my life in regards to my appetite as well.

On January 1st, I began taking steps to change my life. I began weight watchers and going to the gym at least 3x a week. I have to get in the pool because of the issues I have with my hips and legs, but I go no matter how much it hurts and exercise at least 3 times every week. As of two weeks ago, I had lost 50 pounds since the second week of January.

It has been quite a journey and I feel very accomplished and happy, but I've also known for a long time that even with determination, I'd probably need help. I've been trying for years to have a gastric bypass. My work insurance did not cover it and I worked with them faithfully for years trying to get it changed and it just never happened; but now with recent situations, I've been able to be on our state insurance which does cover the surgery.

Long story short, I was approved today to have my gastric bypass on April 23rd. :D:D

I got this awesome news while I was waiting on Mom's test results and I just couldn't bring myself to tell anyone until I knew if she was going to be ok, but now I feel like I can celebrate and tell everyone. If you want to follow what else happens, I'm going to be blogging about it on my website, http://www.pentecostalmitch.com

I do want to say that I'm aware of the dangers and issues with surgery and this hasn't been a light decision, so while I appreciate concern, there's really nothing anyone can tell me that I don't already know. Good, caring people always come forward with some statistic or tragedy and I'm aware of those dangers, bu I'm doing this for me, having educated myself and prepared myself for what's to come. I'm ready.

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So far the news about your mom sounds good. Hope she is comfortable over the weekend and hopefully all the pain will magically disappear the way it came.

I am so very inspired by your weight loss and your determination to help yourself. Trust me, I could take lessons. If gastric bypass is what you have decided to do, you have my support, prayers and understanding. I will be following your blog with wishing you well every step of the way.


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It is so good to hear that your mother's problem is not cancer related. I will be praying for you to have a successful surgery and recovery. Follow your doctors orders, remain prayerful and you will be fine. Prayers


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I'm so glad to read that your Mom's scan looks okay, and Wow, "You go, boy" ! :D

Losing 50 pounds is something to be proud of.

Best of luck to you with the surgery.

(I know a fella in Arizona that had it done, and he is just fine.)

By next year, I'll bet you'll be posting pics of yourself standing on a beach flexing your muscles! :D

God Bless ya, and good luck to you and your Mom.


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Wow, wow, wow about how exciting things must be for you, Mitchell. I envy your stick-to-it-iveness (is that EVEN a word?? :roll: ) and losing those 50 pounds. And I have also been wondering about the smoking!!! So happy to hear to stuck with that too.....of course I mean the NO smoking!!! You deserve so many kudos. And on top of your own issues you continue to take great care of mom! What a guy!

I will NEVER point out negatives to you or anyone who has researched and intelligently makes a decision such as you have. That would be like someone telling me (an LC patient) that they knew someone who died and fast. Yes, Mitchell, I've had that happen by more than one well-meaning acquaintance :evil: . I know you do not make this decision lightly and I wish ony the very BEST results.

I am glad it appears mom's issues are non-cancer realted. Most of my pain issues aren't either. It can be troublesome, though, not knowing. Hopefully you'll get to the root of the problem, get it taken care of, and before you know it ~ you AND mom will probably be taking some Caribbean cruise or something!

Good luck to you both!!!!


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So glad to hear the good news with your mom's CT and hope she has a comfortable weekend.

As for you, major congrats! Having quit smoking years ago, I know what a feat that is. Weight is an issue with just about everyone in our family and it's a real bugger. I think your decision to do weight watchers (the only thing that worked for me) and get solidly on an exercise program (probably why WW worked for me) before the surgery is a real plus for you. I've counselled people before gastric bypass (required by some surgeons) and have great respect for people who make this decision after properly informing themselves of the pluses and minuses.

Much luck to you and your mom. You must have felt it uncanny that you were getting your good news while the CT scan was setting things up for your mom's good news!

Judy in Key West

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Two pieces of good news in one day! I will continue to say prayers that your mom's tests will show a minor reason for her pain, but in the interim I am so thrilled that it doesn't sppear to be the other show!

As for your news--you've made some amazing changes in the past year. Please keep us updated on your journey as you prepare for and have your life-changing surgery. You've done so much up to now, I know you will succeed with the rest!


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First, I am so happy for your mom!!! We all know how pains can send us over the edge with worry!! I sure do hope they find out the problem and it can be easily remedied!!

Secondly - Mitchell, You Rock!!! To quit smoking, and diet, and take care of your mom as diligently as you do - well, it just goes to show what an awesome person you are!!! I congratulate you!!

Good luck with your surgery - I know 3 people who have had the bypass surgery done and all three of them said they would do it again!!! Can't wait to see pics of you after the surgery!!

God Bless you and your mom - Patti B.

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I am relieved that your mom's scans were good!!!! It is scary to think that every pain is cancer, but as Kasey said, there are soooo many aches and pains!!!

And congrats on the weight loss and gastric bypass. One of my best friends in the world had it a few years ago. She kept the weight off and she is doing fabulous and she looks wonderful!!!! I used to offer her my wedding dress when she met someone. Now she'd have to cut it into quarters :):)

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Everything I am reading makes me so very proud of you.

The way you have taken such wonderful care of your Mom, and the steps you have

taken to care for yourself.

I will be praying that all goes well with your surgery on April 23rd,

and please continue to let us know how both you and

your mom are doing.

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Mitchell, I am so realived to hear Moms test came back fine, now hopefully her pain can be chalked up to something minor!!

NOW, the other big news in your life.... I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery, I know it is a tough choice to make, and I am sure you have not done it lightly. Keep us posted. You will be in my prayers. Love, Sharon

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Yo Mitch.. WAY TO GO!!! Great news all around (no pun intended :lol: )

I am thrilled about your mom and that must be a load off both of your minds.

Best of luck with your surgery. I have friends, husband and wife who had it done and are doing find and look great, this was done over 2 years ago.

You better start saving your money for liposuction and a tummy tuck. :wink:

Good luck to you both. I will follow your blog. Why don't you add it to your moms profile on the bottom so it will always be there.

Also a BIG congrats to your to being smoke free for a year. I rememeber when you stoopped. I just can't believe its been a year already.

Maryanne :wink:

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Good for you!!!

You quit smoking and now you can do this!!!

you can!

everyone needs a little help along the way

I needed the patch to quit--even if in only my mind!

I am sure you are aware it is no easy fix, your mind has to be there too and it will be a whole new way of life for you

just like quitting smoking was

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Thank you everybody for all your support. You all are incredibly giving and inspirational, it never ceases to amaze me.

Unfortunately, we've just spent another night in the ER with Mom. This time, at another hospital that we trust much more than the previous one. This is the hospital that first caught her tumor and probably saved her life - and it will also be the hospital where I have my surgery.

After yet another CT Scan, Chest X Ray, and batteries of tests, this ER Dr. again said that there is no evidence of cancer, no tumors, etc. He checked for a pulmonary embolus and there was none.

He thinks this is pleurisy, as most of you know, an infection of the lining of the lung. He's treating with Tordol (sp?) and follow up with the primary. He didn't seem concerned very much, said it was probably infection and ya know, I could've lived with that just fine until I saw one of the causes - cancer.

I know, rationally, that it probably isn't cancer related, and I'm just spooked cause it's our new normal, and that there's no more evidence of a recurrence tonight than there was a week ago, or six months ago. There's a slight chance as always, but it very well could just be inflammation.

But I sure would love to hear from some other folks who've had a pleurisy after diagnosis and it not be cancer related . . just for some extra comfort.

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