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Here I go again!


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Did I say any of this on the site before? I don't even know. After bragging about how great I felt Easter Sunday, I became aware of what starts as the hints of headaches again. I went to the doctor on Thursday with a bp of 200-something over 118 and got new meds. By Friday evening I confirmed my blood pressure was down significantly and suspiciously the headache got worse after my evening dose. This morning I got out the paperwork that came with my Amlodipine 5mg. Didn't even have to read the fine print. On a short list on the front under "Your Medication: was "May cause headache. Consult Dr if severe."

I don't even know what "severe" is anymore. I'm recalling how paranoid I was about having my lungs checked every time a nurse got near me because of how I wound up an emergency with a white out of the left lung before I was diagnosed. I said to my onc that I was afraid because I was to stupid to know it was happening the first time. She said I wasn't stupid. It was just that I was so healthy! Well, I don't feel healthy now and still don't trust myself to know what's going on. Sometimes I think, I can handle this (the headache) and others I feel like a vise is squeezing my temples.

Can't wait til Tuesday when I go to MDACC and talk to my onc about what's going on.

Judy in Key West

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I hear ya!!! They originally put me on Lisinopril and it made my headaches worse!!!

Maybe you should check with the doc before Tuesday??? Hate to see you suffer with those headaches until then. There ain't no headache like a high BP headache!!!

I am sorry you need to go thru this. Wishing you a better weekend.

Hugs - Patti

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Thanks for the good wishes. Lisinopril didn't work for me either. The new med together with two of the old is working--131/72! Haven't seen those numbers in awhile. That's why I'm going to depend on the Tylenol to take the edge off the headaches until I go to Orlando on Monday. The headaches now are obviously from the new med as headaches are listed as a side effect.

For once I'm looking forward to going to Orlando. I'll see my oncologist who I only see every six weeks now. And I get my first follow-up CT/PET since dx. Hope it's good because I'm really excited about it--that's how good a feeling I have. Guess "scared" is under there somewhere.

Judy in Key West

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