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Strange Days !!!


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Been strange lately for me. Today is the 5th anniversary of Debs diagnosis and 5 years sinece my last "Smoke" LAst nite found me home alone browsing thru a wedding album of ours just thinking about things like I do sometimes.

All of a sudden, I get awoof from the Mocha pup to say something is amiss in her front yard. SO i peek through the blinds to find a little "HoneyBunny" sitting in the middle of the front yard. Got miss mocha pup settled with bunny rabbit and we sat and watched from our floor position.

About this time "Skin" by Rascall flatts came on. THis is also the song that talks about Sara Beth and her cancer and her hair and her fear. This song came out right before Deb passed and although I hear it infrequently I still Cry and remember :cry:

So here we are Me and Mocha stretched out on the floor watching a bunny through the blinds while the sun is up and me crying my eyes out..

Its raining and cold like the day she was buried. Bbut in my world the sun is shining and Life is good.... :wink::)

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Last summer, Bill and I had a little "honey-colored" bunny come into our side yard, and looked toward our dining room picture window.

We had seen this little guy before, and always worried about him. Fall arrived, and winter passed, and this spring (only last week), he appeared once again.

Bill and I peeked at this little "sign of spring" through our venetian blinds, and both of us took it as a sign (of something beautiful).

Right now, as I read your posting, I am crying. I don't even know why.


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Hi Randy,

Just want you to know that I think you're quite a guy!

I know about love, and I know about loss. What I know is this: Love is eternal, you never really lose those you love, they are always with you in you're heart and your mind. They are with us for ever, the trouble is,

the area code is unknown!

Keep smiling Randy.

All the best,


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