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Radiation-others recovery experiences


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Hello all. I received the maximum blast, 30 doses (curative dose) of radiation. I was done radiation at the end of November 2007. Going through it, I felt great and really didn't feel a thing. At the time I was worried it was doing a darn thing! Well I am now NED because of it, so believe me I am not complaining. Starting in January though I sure did start to feel it's effects. And it is still really bothering me. Sitting for any length of time is not good (not good for a gal with a desk job!). My one lung is fried for sure. And I am not back to 100% energy level which is frustrating. Looking for any others out there who have similar radiation treatment and any information on how long this pain/discomfort will continue? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi there, Sandra!!! I didn't have quite as much rad as you, but still deal with the effects. Another member here refers to radiation as the gift that keeps on giving. I have back/some breathing issues from it. I'm not sure it ever really leaves you.

Congratulations on NED!!!! Sometimes there is a price we need to pay for that. Hopefully the effects are able to be dealt with. This so no disease for sissies!!!!!

Glad yu are doing well.


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Hi SandraL,

I too had 30 days of chest radiation. The only thing I felt during the radiation was fatigue. I had my chemo, surgery, and radiation pretty simulatemously so I have never been sure what really caused the fatigue - probably a combo of both.

I was lucky that I didn't have any pain from the radiation itself but I have heard so many people really have quite a time with it.

I have my fingers crossed that you start feeling better soon. Try to be patient, I promise better days are ahead.


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