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not sure what to say or do.

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Hi everybody,

Well, Hank is not feeling well today. Tired, upset stomach just feeling very low. He has emphysema on top of the lung cancer. He's had the emphysema for a long time, but his breathing has become much worse since his bout with pneumonia which landed him in the hospital several weeks ago when he was first diagnosed.

Been using an inhaler, to try and breath better, but it's not working. Spoke to his pulmonologist today asking if we have any options to help with his breathing. The pulmonologist is ordering a nebulizer for him to use several times a day. I told Hank that this is what the doctor is suggesting he does, that it may help, but he says he does'nt want to become dependent on machines or oxygen to help him breath. I'm afraid he's just going to give up!!!! He's not feeling well, he's upset, and I don't know what to say or do.

When we saw his oncologist the other day, he said that if we can get this tumor shrunk down, it should help with his breathing also. I don't want him to give up!!!!


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Not sure if this will help him, but the nebulizer is just another way of delivering the drug to his lungs but a more efficient way. Lots of folks use them. I often wish my Dr. would prescribe one for me when my asthma isn't controlled well. I know quite a few young kids who use them. The times I've used them in the Drs office, I felt such instant relief. Somehow he has to look at it from that point of view, not from the idea of "becoming reliant". I wish I knew how to change that attitude for you, but I don't. I did see my sister do that in the early stages, she wanted no other drugs other than what she got on chemo day. She was horrified that we walked out of the office with scripts for like 5 other drugs. I had to push a little to get her to take the ativan or compazine as needed, but once I got her to see it from the "it will make you feel better and there is not reason to not take it" point of view, we were fine.

The nebulizer is just another way to deliver the medication he is already taking, the inhaler. It will work much better and I am betting he will get some relief. Hope that helps at least a little.

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I totally agree with cat127. My husband used just inhalers for a long time, but after we both had a bout of flu, he came down with pneumonia and spent a few days in the hospital. When he was released they gave him a nebulizer and the meds were basically the same as contained in the inhalers - just a more concentrated way of getting it into the lungs. After a few weeks of the nebulizer, he asked the doctor if he could now go back to inhalers and that was ok'd. The biggest advantage to inhalers is their portability but the nebulizer seems more effective in some circumstances - but definitely not a case of becoming reliant on it and never getting off.

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If someone has vision problmes ~ they wear glasses. That would be me! If someone is hearing impaired ~ they use hearing aids. That would be hubby Fred. If someone has diabetes ~ they deliver insulin. That would be our great friend and neighbor, Wes. If someone has high blood pressure, high cholesterol......you get the idea. Maybe Hank can look at it from a different perspective.

I'm sorry he's struggling with these additonal issues. My hope is that he can get over this hump and do what he has to do to manage this disease. That's what we are all trying to do. If meds can help do the trick......I say yippee!!!! I truly don't mean to be flip. Just hope he can get a handle on this. As always, I wish him my very best.


PS: If you think it would do any good ~ maybe scare him by telling him I'll be coming by for a supervisory visit :lol: ! PA isn't THAT far,afterall!!!

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My dad gets far more relief from the nebulizer than the inhaler for his COPD. It really does help him. I hope it helps Hank too. The nebulizer isn't like carrying oxygen around all the time. You use it a couple of times a day and don't have to carry it with you all the time.

Good luck!


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I use a cane/walker, plus need oxygen and many meds to get me through the day. Might even have to get a scooter at some point. If it helps that is really all that matters, does not mean it is permanent. You can lead a horse to water but can't get it to drink it. When one feels crummy things look more bleak. Try to encourage him that this is what's best for him and that he is fortunate to have options available to him. Has he considered a phone buddy or join a support group it does help to talk to someone who as been there done that. Prayers for the best.


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