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Update - "Going to Kansas City"

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Got the call Friday afternoon. I've been scheduled for further consultation with both a Radiology Oncology Surgeon and a Neurosurgeon Thursday morning. This will be the third and fourth opinion respectively at three independent facilities.

I have all my reports and disks in hand. Wondering though, both my CT & MRI show the tumor, the MRI also showes a ring of swelling; the PET however did not light up. The tumor now only 7 mm is what my doctors say is often to small for a PET to pick up? Because cancer is more likely to MET to brain rather than be a new primary brain tumor, it is being considered to be a MET?

Because tumors to the brain fall under neurological, I'm being sent to a Medical Center that specializes in Neurosurgery & sterotactic surgery?

So just one step closer to treatment and remaining optimistic. Any input along this line would also be greatly appreciated.



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Sounds like you have things lined up pretty darn good, Toddy. I, myself got 4 opinions at the beginning of my own journey, so I applaud you on your pursuit there. Boy I hope that you get answers and perhaps some news to lift your spirits as they perhaps have sagged just a bit lately. Best of luck on your venture and hope you have an update for all of us soon. Best wishes, luck and many positive vibes to you.


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