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Stage 3B NSCL

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My name is Sylvia - I am 62 years old. Diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago with Stage 3b NSCL. No signs of cancer - found in x-ray for sore rib. Thoracic surgeon - two nodules in right lung - too close to heart to operate. Bone scan - okay. Brain Scan okay. Started chemo and radiation together. There were also two small spots in lung that they didn't think were anything. Chemo and radiation successful on two major spots - spots gone. Follow-up 6 months later two small spots growing. 30 days of radiation. Got one spot. Next 6 month CT Scan showed more growth. Put on Tarceva last September - on it for two months - main spot - lost weight - rash, etc. Tarceva didn't work at all - main spot grew 2 cm. Wait three months - main spot still growing - metastized - many pin-point spots in both lungs. More chemo offered -can't do more radiation because of other small spots. Put chemo off - went to Mexico for a week's all inclusive - had a great time. March appointment I put off chemo again - new grandchild arriving in May. This week scheduled for bone scan and CT Scan on chest. Oncologist on April 11th - will have to make decision. Alternative stuff I am taking - Dr. Budwig's cottage cheeze and flax oil, phytoplakton and Flor Essence. Feel well - sometimes tired half way through the day. Worked full time except when on chemo/radiation at the beginning then went back and have been off again since December 11th to recoup after Tarceva. Oncologist said in Oct that I maybe had a year left - but I DON'T THINK SO! I remain positive and do lots of research, walk and enjoy every day. They told me at the very beginning that without treatment I only had about six months and maybe longer with treatment - well guess what it has been 3 1/2 years.

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Ohhh, it's SO nice to see people who are near me :)

We live in Parksville, and my Mom is in Nanoose.

I suppose when we get to that point, Mom will receive treatment in Victoria, so I'll have many questions for you!

I'm trying very hard to keep that same positive attitude! I've designated myself the "learner" for our family. I'm sharing what I learn with Mom, my sister, hubby and the rest of our family.

SO very glad you are here,

(((((Sylvia and Sandra)))))


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