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Tell me about biopsies???


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Hi everybody, I wasn't sure of the most appropriate section to post this in, so mods, please move it if necessary.

My Mom has her first big procedure today, and I'm feeling apprehensive (as is she, of course!). She'll be having a biopsy by bronchoscopy today at 1:15.

Would anyone be willing to tell me about how this will feel, what to expect, anything I can do to help?? How was the biopsy experience for you??

Thanks so much,



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Well for the most part it's not fun having a tube stuck down your throat. That's what they do and it has a camara on the end of the tube. It's not really painful, but it sure makes you gag, but they give you numbing meds for that. They will take a little snip of whatever while they are down there and that's how it works.

She'll do just fine. She shouldn't need anything after it, other then some TLC. Her throat might be sore for a couple of days, but that's about all that should happen.

She'll be FINE! You'll see. :wink: Keep us posted.

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My dad said the biopsy was not bad, he recovered fast. Make sure she stays still after like they say. My dad didn't and he had pnemothorax, which is a little lung collapse. They said it happens in about 5% of cases. I realize lung collapse sounds scary, but it wasn't, they just put a litlte tube in him, he went home, and had it out the next day.

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The worst part for me was the numbing - they had me inhale it through a nebulizer and once my throat started going numb, I felt like I couldn't swallow and started to panic.

Now, for me - they put the tube through my nose!!! It didn't hurt afterward but I did have some bloody noses for quite a while afterward!!

Hope things went well for your mom!!

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Thank you so much for sharing :)

Everything went just fine...and I feel much better now!

She had conscious IV sedation, so doesn't remember the procedure much at all. She remembers the IV going in and that's about it :)

She's coughing a tiny bit of blood now, but we were told it's to be expected. Her voice sounds a bit froggy, but no sore throat as of yet.

She has her sister spending the night, to make sure she's OK.

When talked to her on the phone after she got home, she was going for a long nap...good stuff.

Thanks again :)

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