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Getting to Know You - April 1


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In honor of April Fools Day, please tell us the best prank or practical joke you have ever played on anyone. You know us...we want to hear all the details, so share you're best! Maybe we'll even vote on which one we think is the most original!

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I called home from college. I was a freshman. To jump right to the end.......told my poor mother that I was pregnant!!! I thought it was a real hoot of a prank :lol: ! Dad got on all in a panic as I laughed and told him it was an April Fool's joke. Oooohhhhh..........BAD joke :evil: . I won't EVEN go into how the rest of that conversation went :?:roll: !


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Called my daughter this morning and asked if I could come over to her house sometime this weekend, I had someone I wanted her to meet.

Told her I had been dating someone for awhile, hadn't mentioned anything to her, but now we were serious and talking about living together.

Oh, by the way I said, he is the same age as you.



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I like yours Ginny, that's pretty funny. Kasey, you're messing with fire with your prank. lol

Most of my best came in high school. The disciplinarian was our 1st period English teacher. When the bell rang to go to class, we all went to the cafeteria...finally about 10 minutes into the period an announcement came over the loud speaker "Would my first period english class please report to the correct classroom." Oddly none of us got detention, even he saw the humor.

The second one was when we had gym class. Both the girls and boys locker rooms had doors that opened outside, we opened ours after class while getting dressed, and the girls had theirs open as well. I had the idea that they should let us know when they were all dressed and we would come over and walk out into the gym in front of the teacher like we had been in the girls locker room the whole time. The initial look of shock on the teacher's face was priceless.

The best one ever pulled on me was by my computer teacher senior year. We used to torment the heck out of each other, I loved that lady. On our computers, there were 4 programs that you could click on. You were NOT ALLOWED to be in any other program than the one she told you to go in. Well, she told us to go into one, and I clicked it, and it opened up a different program...Frantically I closed out, and did it again, Boom back into the different program. Completely oblivious to what was happening I continued this process for a harrowing five minutes, becoming more and more frantic and no longer able to hide my frustration. Finally she stands up and SCREAMS...John Brennan, what are you doing...Mumbling and studdering I'm like nothing i swear, she says if I come back there and you're screwing around you're in big trouble. Well I continued to freak out. Finally she gets back there sees that I'm in the wrong program and smacks me and says get out of it...I'm like but Mrs. Fisher you don't understand it's not working right...She's yelling stop lying...So i get out and I say here look, click it boom into the wrong one. Finally she says click the other one, I do, now I'm in the right one. Befuddled I say what the heck is going on...Finally she says must be April Fools.

She totally got me...To this day when I see her we laugh for a good five minutes about it.

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I must have no imagination since I have never played a good one on anyone but a HUGE one was played on me.

My best friend Cath and her boyfriend Perry were moving to Florida. They were moving on April 2, and on April 1st they were loading up the truck and my husband and I were taking them out to eat. She calls me in the afternoon hysterical that in loading the appliances onto the truck, the refrigerator fell on Perry's foot and broke it. He had been to the ER and all. She is crying that the truck is a stick shift, how is she gonna drive it and then unload at the other end and on and on. So my husband and I go over there and Perry is laying in the bed with an air splint on and moaning and groaning about the pain. I sit next to him on the bed and I'm like what can I get you and he has me waiting on him hand and foot for about a half an hour getting him something cold to drink, wiping his forehead with a cold washcloth, etc. Then, all of a sudden, Cath walks up to him, takes her fist, and pounds on his foot as hard as she can and yells SO WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO ABOUT THIS FOOT!!! OMG, I was mortified!!! And then all the cameras came out and took pics of my face!!! Perry gets up, starts dancing around the room yelling APRIL FOOL!!! Cath is hysterically laughing and I look over at my husband - darn him, he was in on it, too.

I never suspected a thing!!! Want to think that I was not really stupid but just so sad that they were moving!!! Needless to say, we still went out to eat that night but I still tease her whenever we talk!!!

Patti B.

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Several years ago, I worked for a home builder that always liked to live life "on the edge"...especially when it came to paying taxes every year. So, when he came into the office on that April 1st morning, I told him that IRS had called to say they had found some discrepencies on his business tax returns and they needed to schedule an appointment for an audit. I even had a list of things he needed to bring with him. Well, apparently I was convincing with my prank, as I thought the poor guy was going to fall over. That joke really backfired on me because I thought I was going to have to call 911 for him. As soon as I saw he was upset, I tried to tell him it was a joke but he was so worked up that he wouldn't listen. Fortunately, he had a good sense of humor and I still had a job at the end of the day. For a long time, he told people that story and was able to laugh!

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