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Weepy Day

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I am having one of those days. I started crying on the way to work this morning and I have not been able to stop. I can't think of anything that would have set me off on this path. I haven't had a day like this since diagnosis.


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Hi Denise,

Sorry you're feeling so low. I do understand your ups and downs though. Had my weepy day yesterday. I think this is just how it's going to be. Crying is good for you, washes some of that stress built up in your brain.

As every on this site keeps telling me, this is a roller coaster ride, there will be ups and downs. Good days and bad days. Keep your eye on a better tomorrow,

one step at a time, one day at a time. You'll get through.

All the best,


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Denise, I really know the feeling. I'm so sorry you're having a tough day today.

I have only recently entered this frightening world, and already, it's a crazy rollercoaster!

I'm finding that I am very easily sent into a tailspin by tiny things, songs..etc..

On the day of my mom's CT report results (99.??% chance of LC) The tears just WOULD NOT STOP.

But there have been many days since then where I've been much more focused on all the hopeful things, and I've been OK.

I just want you to know that I'm here, and listening.




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