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Hi everybody,

Just wanted to check in and report our progress in general.

It's now two weeks since Hank's first chemo treatment, and he is scheduled for the next one on April 9th. He has had no nausea, no decrease in appetite (he's gaining weight), one day of stomach upset, and dry mouth and tongue. His energy level is not great. Some days better than others, but today he just can't move much. If he could only breath better, he'd be doing much more, but the breathing is a problem. When we saw his oncologist last week, he said that he thought his lungs sounded better, and that his condition seems slightly improved. And he feels that when the tumor shrinks his breathing will also improve. Hank finally decided to use the nebulizer which his pulmonologist ordered for him yesterday. Don't think it's made much of a difference in his breathing, although I don't know if we should expect relief from it right away, or if it has a cumulative effect that we can look forward to over time. Hank has still been lifting weights, he does 450 reps with a 25 barbell every morning. He has also been attempting to walk more, but it is difficult for him. He is able to walk a mile, but has to take many breaks to catch his breath. But he is trying.

I am alternately doing ok, and then not ok. Still hav'nt really been able to find stable emotional ground in this situation, and I'm not sure that I will. One day I'm feeling positive, the next, defeated.

Anyway, that's my report! To all of you who have been standing by my side in this, thanks so much again.

I'll keep you posted.

All the best,


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I'm not sure it's possible to find stable emotional ground for long. It seems you can get there but before you know it there's an earthquake. I am glad Hank is handling chemo well. Hang in there.


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